UNLP Grid is the infrastructure to support e-science activities of the Argentine academic community. This Certification Authority is being evaluated for its future operation.
CeSPI - High Centre for Information Processing of the National University of La Plata is the center encharged of the computer information and networking services of over more than 3000 computers with public IP. The CeSPI was created in 1969 and provides services to all the University (with more than 95.000 students, over 140 university graduate degrees and over 200 postgraduate degrees) and supporting 20% of the scientific and technical research done in Argentina.
The Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement document describes the procedures and operation rules for UNLP PKIGrid Certification Authority. It has been evaluated by TAGPMA and IGTF.
To contact the UNLP PKIGrid CA send an e-mail to ca_at_pkigrid.unlp.edu.ar

50 and 115 Street - La Plata (1900).
Phone Number: 54 221 423-6609/10/11 internal 101